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Monday, March 2, 2009


Little Boy says "yass" instead of "yes." More like "yeah-ss." For a long time, he wouldn't say "yeah" or "yes" or "yup" or any of that--he'd just smile instead. Of course, he was still perfectly willing to say, "no."

But now, not only does he say, "yass," he says it with enthusiasm. Always. Like this:

"Do you want toast for breakfast?" "Yass!"
 "Do you love your bear?" "Yass!"
 "It's time to brush teeth." "Yass!"
 "Do you like putting your cars on the piano?"


  1. What a cute little guy you have!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great rest of the night!

  2. Yass!!

    BBJ's thing is, "Umm....sure!"

  3. Is little boy really cute???

  4. Totally adorable, and what a great photo. That's the best smile I have seen all week - of course, I haven't seen my niece in that time ;)


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