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Saturday, June 26, 2010

"If we're not reading the scriptures daily, our testimonies are growing thinner [and] our spirituality isn't increasing in depth." -Harold B. Lee

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're Moving!

...sorta. Our family is moving, but we're just moving around the block. The apartments where we live now are income-based, which was a blessing when Isaac was unemployed. And the rent was still pretty cheap for the first year that Isaac was working. But Isaac got another raise recently, and our rent is now a bit too high. We can get a regular apartment for less--one with lots more amenities.

It's been kinda stressful. Moving is always stressful, of course--it always freaks me out, even when it's a good move. But there was a bit of a lag between when we submitted our Intent to Vacate notice where we are, and actually hearing that we're approved for another apartment.  And packing is not fun. Packing when you don't know where you're going is less fun.

But now we know where we're going! I think we're going to be happy there. And I'm pretty sure we're going to save money there. *sigh*...so, back to packing.

moving boxes packing
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Friday, June 18, 2010

"Gas Station Secrets"

 My dad works at an oil refinery. So when I came across this article (10 Things Gas Stations Won't Tell You) on MSN today, none of the tips were really "secrets" to me, but they're still good advice. The #3 tip really stuck out to me. It's something my dad has been telling us for years, and something I've been passing on to my friends, but they don't usually believe me. ;) hi friends!

From the article:

3. "My gas isn't better for your car; it's just more expensive."
Oil companies spend lots of money explaining why their gas is better than the competition's. Chevron's gas, for example, is fortified with Techron, and Amoco Ultimate is supposed to save the planet along with your engine. But today, more than ever, one gallon of gas is as good as the next.

True, additives help to clean your engine, but what the companies don't tell you is that all gas has them. Since 1994, the government has required that detergents be added to all gasoline to help prevent fuel injectors from clogging.

State and local regulators keep a close watch to make sure those standards are met; a 2005 study indicated that Florida inspectors checked 45,000 samples to ensure the state's gas supply was up to snuff, and 99% of the time it was.

"There's little difference between brand-name gas and any other," AAA spokesman Geoff Sundstrom says.

What's more, your local Chevron station may sell gas refined by Shell or Exxon Mobil. Suppliers share pipelines, so they all use the same fuel. And the difference between the most expensive brand-name gas and the lowliest gallon of no-brand fuel? Often just a quart of detergent added to an 8,000-gallon tanker truck.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Line 'Em Up

Little Boy has done this with his cars for as long as I can remember: And I always thought he was just lining them up for the heck of it. But then, one day, he told me the real reason--he's lining them up like they're at a stoplight. Sometimes he lines them up side-by-side. When he does that, he says he's lining them up like they're in a parking lot. Which I guess is more imaginative than just lining them up for the heck of it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Helping with the Load

I took this picture a few weeks ago (it was much colder then--hence the coat), as we were leaving to walk to the library. 

Isaac takes our car to work, so once in awhile Little Boy and I walk over to the library to play. And check out books, of course. I usually carry a backpack when we walk to the library, to take due books there and new books back home.

 This time, Little Boy decided that he wanted to carry some books in his little backpack, too. (There are always plenty of books for us to carry. We're library "heavy users.")

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Long Ago Was Mother's Day?

Yeah, so Mother's Day was awhile ago. Like, a month ago. But I found these pictures today...and they just make me smile.


Isaac and Little Boy worked together on Mother's Day to make little heart-shaped badges that say "We ♥ Mommy." They wore the badges to church and everything.


I kept Little Boy's badge. He didn't write the words, of course, but he colored it a little bit. I'm a happy mommy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiny Gardening: Year 2

We've planted a little back-porch garden again this year. This year will be different from last year. This year: no flowering plants. This year: fewer bees due to no flowering plants. This year: more playing on the patio due to fewer bees due to no flowering plants. Something like that. Anyway, we're growing basil and rainbow carrots. We poured dirt. And poured water. We planted tiny, tiny seeds. And made goofy faces. The goofy faces are optional, but highly recommended. Also highly recommended: sun. We haven't had much of that yet. The sun had better come out soon...I want my rainbow carrots.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mini Mighty Mind

This is Little Boy's favorite toy right now.  [I ordered it from Fat Brain Toys.]

For more info, check out my new blog: Pie For Breakfast.

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