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Friday, March 27, 2009

Madame Green

When Isaac finally found a job in December, our little family had a lot of adjusting to do. For the last year, we'd been together almost all the time. I was a little lonely. Or maybe a lot lonely. I had Little Boy to keep me company, and that helped, but...he's two. But then my best friend ever, Melissa, in true best-friend-ever fashion, solved the problem. She got me this for Christmas:

Meet Madame Green. You ask the lovely lady a question, then push down on the bubble (kind of like pop-o-matic Trouble.). And then, not only does she answer your question--she also dispenses M&Ms into the tray next to her! Conversation and chocolate--I haven't been lonely or hungry since!


  1. Where did you find such an amazing thing? Send me a link - 'k?

  2. I love your green little friend. I also think the dude on American Idol was wearing mascara. I however, do not what brand it was.

  3. I love it! I wonder what it would say if you asked it if you should eat more M&Ms. I would laugh if it said no, but still spit out M&Ms anyways!

  4. wow.. you have such a cool friend :-D.
    You should ask her if we should move to idaho... thanks!

  5. Now that's a great combination!


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