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Monday, March 9, 2009

Gardening in Miniature

Last Sunday, Little Boy brought home some dirt in a cup. His Nursery teacher said that it might grow into a nasturtium.

So Little Boy and I watered it all week. I put it on the windowsill when it was sunny out, then moved it to the top of the refrigerator when it wasn't--the top of the refrigerator is supposed to be good because it's warm. But the top of our fridge isn't all that warm. So on Friday, I set it on the floor near the heater. I thought that if the fridge wasn't warm enough, the heat vent definitely would be. And if it still didn't grow...oh well. Saturday was cloudy, so I left the dirt cup on the floor. I checked on it, but still nothing (I'm a little impatient.). I forgot all about it yesterday--didn't even check to see if it needed water. And this is what I found in the dirt cup this morning:
Two sprouts. And one of them is an inch tall! Either this is the fastest-growing nasturtium ever, or I seriously missed something when I checked it on Saturday. So I'm happy. I have a flower for my container garden this summer. And Little Boy likes it (mostly he likes pouring water on it). We named it Audrey III.
So far, it hasn't demanded any blood.


  1. Hey. Thanks for reading today. Read Women Doing More if you get the chance. My aunt is one amazing woman to share her story. I added you to my blog roll. I think you are already there. But am copying your http and going back to add just in case. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. okay...you weren't on there. i guess I usually come because you are so good at commenting, and I just come every time I hear from you. THanks for your friendship...stacie ♥

  3. Oh I love that story. My kids have brought home little plastic cups with seeds to grow from primary several times. It never ceases to amaze me when the little sprout pops up out of the dirt.

    Have fun with Audrey III

  4. Welcome, Audrey III. We mean you no harm.

  5. Kids just love seeing their plants grow. That was quite fast. I bet he was ecstatic.

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  7. So cute! I love watching flowers grow and doing it through the eyes of a kid is even better!

  8. LOL. I had flashbacks with this post. Only one of my all-time favorite childhood movies! Thanks for the smiles!

  9. Thanks! Zak bought me a really basic version of Photoshop so I had some fun with the free scrapbooking papers you can find online! I am soooo not a scrapbooker but I was almost tempted!

  10. Sounds hilarious - bet you were proud :D


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