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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Half-Asleep Quote of the Day

Little Boy and I are sick again--it's that time of year, I guess. I'll be spending most of the day on the couch. But for now, enjoy the following conversation between Isaac and me:

[Isaac is Type I diabetic, so sometimes his blood sugar drops in the middle of the night and he has to get up to eat something. Usually he goes right back to sleep. But this time, he just sat on the bed without lying down...]

Andrea: "What are you doing?"

Isaac [mumbling]: "I can't decide which way to lie down."

Andrea: "Which way to lie down?"

Isaac: "There are too many choices."

Andrea: "Well, why don't you lie on your back, then."

Isaac: "Okay." [Isaac lies down and goes to sleep.]


  1. LOL. Oh, what would I give for that to be the difficult decision of my day - which way to lie!

  2. Lie or lay? I always get that confused. ;o)

  3. Man, I'm sorry you're sick again. I have a sick one too. My 14 year old is dead as a dog on the couch. It has to be pretty bad for him to hang out on the couch. Took him to the Dr. and got some meds... hoping they'll kick in soon, poor kid!

  4. I totally do that, too! I come back from nursing Siu Jeun and just sit on the bed for a minute, imagining lying one way, then the other...and deciding which side wants to be down.

    Sorry your're sick again. :-(

  5. I really think it's a B-Family Boy thing. Z does weird things in his sleep too!


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