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Friday, January 15, 2010

My Baby-est Brother

It's my youngest brother's birthday today. I post more about my other siblings than about Blake, so I thought I'd introduce y'all. Here's Blake through the ages [sorta]:

This is the oldest picture I have of Blake. I stole it from my grandma [I'm pretty sure she had a double]. This is probably about...1991? Playing in my grandma's front yard.

He skateboards [this is from around 2002]. At least, he did. I'm pretty sure he still does. I think. Maybe.

And he snowboards [also from 2002]. Dad and Thane ski/snowboard, too. The girls...don't.

He's super cute with Little Boy [2007]. Little Boy calls him "Batey".

Like any sibling, he can be a stinker [2007]. But most of the time...

...he's a sweetheart. [Senior pic].

Did I mention that he drums? Oh. Well, he does. [This is the worst-quality video ever; I apologize.] He's playing Isaac's brother's drum set--I assure you that Blake drums much more loudly on his own, bigger set. Haha.

This is our most recent family picture--well, our most recent sibling picture. From left: Thane, Blake, Little Boy, me, and Kaylyn, with Isaac down below. You can kinda see in this picture that Blake and I look more like each other than like our other siblings [2009].

And this one's from Christmas Eve. Yeah, he's a little silly. But that's why we like him. 

So, there ya go. That's my mysterious, seldom-blogged-about little brother. Happy birthday, Batey!


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