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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Best Tip EVER.

...just kidding. I had a really awesome tip in mind for Tip Tuesday this week. But I forgot what it was. So since my bloggy plans have been thwarted by my own bad memory, let's all enjoy a photo instead.

This is my brother, who moved home from BYU in December, with Little Boy:

Cute, huh? There's no way you can tell this from the picture, but I'm pretty sure this was the first time Little Boy said more than two words to Thane--and Thane had been home for at least a week. Silly kid.


  1. I know the feeling about being thwarted by a bad memory! The picture is a cute substitute.

  2. Sweet picture!

    Here's a tip: ginseng for memory (hee hee)

    Wait until you reach MY age!


  3. curse you and your false titles luring me in, although the picture IS very cute. and holy cow, when did Thane grow up?

  4. Precious photo - a keeper for sure:)
    Looks like hero worship to me.



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