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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Boy's Favorite Christmas Present

...is this:

 His very own set of Lincoln Logs. That's Isaac's hairy arm in the shot--I'm a Lincoln Logs dunce (and my arm's not that hairy).

It's always been hard for me to picture things in 3D in my head. I just can't visualize a little log cabin easily enough to build it out of all those little parts.

But that's a good thing, because now Lincoln Logs are Little Boy and Isaac's thing. It's something for just the two of them to do together. And they do--they build little log buildings almost every evening when Isaac gets home from work.


  1. I LOVE lincoln logs. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. I really do miss all of my blogging friends and figured that they gave up on me. This last month has been hard on me.

  2. Santa brought a set of Lincoln Logs to our house too, mainly because I loved them as a kid. So far their biggest benefits that my girls see for them is that when little boys come for a play date, they have something to do. *sigh*


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