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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Little Boy Dictionary

The latest of Little Boy's most frequently used words:

 doff = golf
diss moaning = this morning
Bamma = Grandma
Bampa = Grandpa
dittah = guitar
stawbees = strawberries
appah doos = apple juice t
uts = church
teenum buhwuh = peanut butter
bulled ozer = bulldozer
Doo Doos = Blue's Clues s
ote-see sut = short-sleeved shirt
eppane = airplane


  1. Oh!! I love "stawbees" how cutE!!!!

  2. So adorable! Keep that list. Little Boy will get a kick out of it when he's ... well not so little.

  3. I can usually figure these things out...but those definitely need a docent. Thanks for the list! SO CUTE.


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