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Monday, July 6, 2009

Being Like...

When Little Boy pretends, he says he's "being like" something. For example, "Bein' like Daddy!" Or, "Bein' like Spongebob!" Or, "Bein' like a orange!" [Don't ask.]

So the other day, Little Boy decided to be like "the ditty!" [We don't have a cat. It's my mom's.]

Nope, he's not crawling around...

because my mom's cat is a little bit lazy. The "ditty" is not exactly something that I would personally want to be like. But then again, neither is an orange.


  1. Ohh!!! How stinkin' cute is he!?!?! And I love how he says kitty! My girls (both!) say it "titty" and that has been a bit uncomfortable when they tell grandma, "Oh!! I just love your little titties!"

  2. Hey, it's a pretty good likeness!!!

  3. I love that! "The Ditty". That's too cute (as everyone here has already attested). That cat has lazy eyes. Great photos!


  4. Oh how funny and cute! What an imagination he has!

    Visiting from SITS! Have a great week!


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