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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Whining, Jobs, and New Communication Skills

I was going to whine write about how Isaac takes the car to work every day, and I'm stranded at home with a two-year-old. But now there's six inches of snow on the ground, so I wouldn't be leaving my apartment anyway. :op I think the new job is going well for Isaac, though he doesn't have much to do yet. The girl that's supposed to be training him is out of the office for the next few days--or something like that. Nice how I keep up with what's going on, huh? Really, I do listen to my husband. I promise. Little Boy's latest thing is "right there"...or, as he says it, "wigh deh!" It usually goes like this: Him: A taw! Me: Yeah, a car. Him: Wigh deh! Or... Him: Bet! Me: You want bread? Him: Bet! Me: Bread? Him: *blank stare* Him (pointing to bread): Wigh deh! It's pretty funny.


  1. Dealing with the SAME communication issues "wight heh"...just teasing! I totally know what it's like being stranded in the apartment with an 'almost' 2-year old...I feel your pain! I convinced Zak that he needed to utilize public transportation or ride his bike...it worked until he started taking on so much overtime...B-town is NOT the kind of place you want to ride your bike around at midnight!

  2. I hope you are staying warm and cozy! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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