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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Please, Please
As many of you know, Isaac has been searching for a job for a long time. He recently interviewed for a really good job, and it seemed like they were close to hiring him, but I thought we would've heard by now--and we haven't. I'm getting worried. This job would be so perfect for us. Please pray.


  1. i am off to bed now, and you will have prayer from me. keep posted...and we will keep praying. i am sorry you are going through all that. best to you xoxoxxx♥

  2. Done and done! Hope you get it!

  3. He needs to call them, ask where they are in process, if there are any other questions they had that they didn't get to ask him. If he didn't send a thank you note for the interview then go by the office and drop one off.

    There are lots of good resources on google about how to increase your chances in interviews

  4. i will keep y'all in my prayers,,,job searching is so frustrating!


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