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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blossom-End Rot: D'oh!

I found these in my garden today:


except...they were attached to the plant. Anyway, I've got blossom-end rot.

Y'know that heat wave a couple weeks ago? Well...this is the result. Since we weren't at home for most of that week, I didn't water the tomato plant very well. And it got pretty dried out. Apparently that's a no-no.

But on the bright side...our car works again!


  1. Yea for the car!

    ...and bummer on the 'maters. :-(

  2. Our TX heat is brutal and everyone's tomatoes look like that. So, don't feel bad. :)

    Found ya from SITS! Happy Tuesday Hun!

  3. That totally stinks your tomatoes didn't make it but super happy to hear your car is working!!!

  4. I'm glad the car works again. My son's tomatoes are being eaten by ants while still green. Argh!


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