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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Middle School High School Musical: The Musical!

My baby sister's play was last week. I wrote about it a few weeks ago--and about how...excited...I was to see it. It mostly lived up to my expectations. Mostly, that is, except for my sister. She was goooood [not that I didn't expect her to be good. I just didn't know she'd be that good.]. I'm proud of her. My pictures of the show are atrocious. My camera is...inexpensive. But I'm posting the photos anyway. BWAHAHAHA!

She played Sharpay.
She was very sparkly and mean.
I also took some video with my "inexpensive" camera. Again, terrible quality. But I did as well as I could. Anyway, here she is, performing "What I've Been Looking For":


  1. Fun Fun Fun! I have a tween who loves HSM. Is it weird that I love to watch it with her? (I guess I'm a little tweenish too :)

  2. Oh I'm so jealous! I wish I could be in HSM! Then I remember I'm in my mid-20's...

    Mid-20's Musical!?!

  3. Great post...I love the memories...you will too, always.

    I have given you an award...The NeNO Award...come by, enjoy, pass it along.

    Thanks for the FUN!!!

  4. Cute!!! And it's so cool to see you so proud of your lil' sis!




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