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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This post is way too corny.

[If I weren't so lazy, I would've taken a photo of my
actual tortilla press. Alas, I am lazy.]
I have always hated corn tortillas.

Or, I guess I should say that I had always hated corn tortillas...until I bought a cheap tortilla press and some masa*, and made some of my own.

(Why would someone who hates corn tortillas decide to make some herself? I can't really say. But it was a good decision.)

Turns out that homemade corn tortillas taste amazing. Plus, have you ever looked at the ingredient list on a package of tortillas from the grocery store? It's not terribly long, but there are several preservatives listed (and food dye and thickeners, in some cases). As for the homemade tortillas, I use 100 Days of Real Food's recipe, which contains three ingredients--and that's including water.

Now, I'm not saying that I think you're a bad person if you eat store-bought corn tortillas. I'm not even saying that I'll never eat a store-bought tortilla again. I'm just saying that I loooooooove corn tortillas now, and the three-ingredient thing makes me happy.

Also? Squashing a ball of tortilla dough in a tortilla press is kind of fun.

*Masa is Mexican corn flour--or it can also mean the dough made from the flour. Unlike American cornmeal, masa is whole grain.

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  1. You are so right! We made those in a R.S. meeting and they were sooooo easy and tasty! I've never had home made ones before that night and I was so impressed how good they are!


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