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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fingerprint Shamrocks

...in the dark!

Just kidding--I forgot that I had the flash on when I took this photo. I promise that we were doing this craft in the middle of the afternoon, with the blinds open and everything.


We're on a home school break this week, doing all kinds of Irish-y things. (I stole our schedule from Megan--we school year-round, with a break every few weeks, and I try to make the breaks fall just before a holiday so we have time to do holiday stuff.)

This wee little craft is pretty simple--just make green fingerprints for the shamrock leaves and use a green pen to draw the stems. I made a shamrock with four leaves first, and Little Boy went along with it for a few minutes, but then he informed me that shamrocks have three leaves and he made only three-leaved shamrocks after that. So there.


  1. These are great. I'm going to make some with my kids tomorrow... we are stuck in the rain.

  2. dang, that was Andrea. sorry.

  3. Oh geez, now I feel like a schlepp. That wonderful calendar I made? Yeah haven't kept to it since October. Oi! I've recently thought that anytime I come up with a plan and commit to it on paper, I rebel by not actually following it. Glad it gave you a good idea though :D


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