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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat...?

I know it's November 2nd, but I left my camera at my mom's house and just got it back. So pretend it's still Halloween, m'kay?
Little Boy gave Halloween two thumbs up at the end of the night. Wanna see what we did?
We made Halloween sugar cookies a few days before. The mini M&Ms were supposed to be for making faces, but when it got down to it, Little Boy decided they made better polka dots.
Little Boy was so looking forward to carving a pumpkin with Isaac. Until...
...we made him touch the pumpkin guts. He sobbed and insisted on washing his hand right away. Yes, we are excellent parents.
This is what happens when you leave the pumpkin carving to the boys--you get a picture of a monster truck crushing a car. Rendered in pumpkin.
We ate mummy dogs for dinner. Thanks for the idea, Pinterest!
Looks gross, huh. Blood and guts potatoes are a Halloween tradition 'round here.
And now, the photo you've all been waiting for:
This is the best shot I have of Little Boy's costume. The cuteness comes through, though, right?
This is the top of Little Boy's hat. My favorite part of the costume, if you wanna know.
We didn't do this on purpose, but we ended up trick-or-treating on a street that got hardly any trick-or-treaters at all. Little Boy got the pick of whatever (handfuls of) candy he wanted.
Which explains the two thumbs up.
Bonus photo! My sister works at a thrift store, and Halloween is the store's busy season. The employees were encouraged to dress up, and they had a different costume theme every day. Can you guess the theme for the costume she's wearing?
(Hint: You can't tell in the photo, but she's wearing a fancy dress that's a little...um...out of style.)


  1. I love the costume!!

    Yeah... Hannah had that same expression on her face when we made her touch the guts.. and then bryan went to get her when she ran away.. and he touched her with his dirty hands and she yelled and ran some more.. So he was chasing her around with pumpkin guts.. it was very entertaining!

  2. Looks like a day of much festivity - fun fun!!



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