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Monday, November 21, 2011


We don't spend a lot of money around here. Like, any. We just can't spend money on anything that isn't essential--you know, like electricity. Can't browse Pinterest if I don't pay the electric bill.

Anyway, about a month ago I spotted a booster car seat on super-duper sale that I knew Little Boy would need soon. So we bought it. And he loves it.

The thing is, he doesn't quite need it yet. He's a little on the small side for his age, so he still fits into the good ol' convertible seat that we bought...I dunno, three years ago? That one has a five-point harness, so I'd like to keep him in it for as long as possible.

Soooo....hmm. Comfy high-back booster seat, just sitting around the house. What are we gonna do with it until we need it?

Oh, I know.

He can use it as a super-comfy high-back TV watching seat! You know, like normal families do.


  1. High class ALL of the way! Teasing you my dear. The way to save money is to start shopping for future needs early and get your needs on sale! Not like in a hoarder way... "I might need this in like 5 years...". That's weird. Just saying, there are perimeters to this "buy early and save" stuff.

  2. And... I don't see my blog in your blogroll. Oversight? This pathetic attempt to get your attention to make a change may not work... but why not try?!

  3. Jen--Oh my heck, you're right. Apparently I haven't updated my blogroll in a LONG time. I fixed it. :)


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