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Monday, November 7, 2011

We're All Mad Here*

I live with a mad scientist.

This...well...I don't know what this is. It started out as a spaghetti sauce jar. But now it's full of some kind of chemicals that turned bright green when they were mixed together. And that gray thing on the right is a pump from a fish tank. A tube from the pump is stuck in the green stuff (yes, that's a technical term), and it's blowing little bubbles. The little bubbles make little mad-science-lab bubbly sounds. I try to find excuses to leave the house when stuff like this is going on.

I think this might be the stuff that Isaac warned me would eat through almost anything but glass. I'm not kidding.

That might've been a different experiment, though.

Either way, I'm pretty sure I know what Isaac's Halloween costume should be next year.

*That's a quote from the Cheshire Cat. Also, I just realized that this post kinda makes it sound like Isaac is cooking drugs in our kitchen. OUR HOUSE IS NOT A DRUG LAB. Truthfully, I think Isaac had this set up to do some kind of etching to make a little board for his electronics.

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