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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playing at the Museum

Our local museums offer a free day once in awhile, but I've never been able to go. Isaac always has our car at work or at school on those days.
But Isaac's on summer break right now. So this was my one chance to go to the free day at the museum. Ha!
We spent a lot of time in an area that's supposed to be for families, but it's really for kids. The rest of us...watched Little Boy play. And play and play and play.
My lovely sister, Kaylyn, came along. Hi, sister!
And so did my brother Thane, who was at home for a couple weeks from BYU. Oh, and Isaac. But he always tags along.
Once Little Boy was done, we went to see some other cool stuff. Cool stuff that I don't have pictures of. Sorry.
So my free-day-at-the-museum dreams came true. It wasn't even crowded. Check and see if your local museum has free days--free fun is the best kind of fun.

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