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Friday, August 12, 2011

Golden Raspberries

Raspberries! I love them.
Isaac doesn't. Which is a tragedy, really, because that means I have to eat all of them.
I saw these at the grocery store a few weeks ago:
Golden raspberries? I'd never heard of them. But they taste the same as red ones.
So of course I had to buy some. I was going to bake something with them, but...um...suddenly they were all gone.
I dunno how that happened.

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  1. Raspberries have definitely grown on me. I find them too seedy--as in filled with seed. I think the idea of biting into a piece of fruit that is supposed to be soft and awesome is profaned by the myriad of seeds in my mouth as though I was chewing on half a teaspoon of sand...but then, against all odds, I made a homemade dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries as a filling and my hatred was over. I recommend Isaac take a similar course of action.


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