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Friday, June 17, 2011

I Think They Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance just started up again. Guys, I loooove this show. I've blogged about it before--head over here to read about why I like it so much and how the show works.
The first few episodes of the season aren't usually that great. I guess it takes awhile for the dancers to settle in. But since the skill level of the contestants has been getting better every year, and this is season 8, this week's opening show was actually...pretty good.
So here are my two favorite dances from this week--one fun dance, and one more serious dance.
Here's the fun one:
And here's the pretty one. This clip has all the blabbing included, so skip to about the 2:00 mark if you just want to see the dance:
Did I mention that I love this show?!


  1. Wow! That second one gave me chills, it was so passionate. I loved it! You might actually get me hooked on this show (there's nothing else on right now anyway).

  2. LOVE this show. The statue dance, this week, was definitely my favorite. *grin*


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