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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When Isaac quit his job last summer, one of his co-workers gave him an orchid as a going-away gift. It was gorgeous, and we kept it until all its blossoms fell off.
And then I read on the internet that if you're very patient, and if you keep the orchid in a sunny window (...and water it...), it will bloom again the next year. So I did.
And then, a month or so ago, I noticed that it wasn't looking so hot. We kept it in one of those half-circle windows above the windows in our dining area, so I couldn't really see it very well.
So I got it down, figuring that I was kind of tired of watering it, if it was dying anyway...and noticed that it was NOT dying.
It was creating new life! I think the leaves were a bit wilted because it was using its energy to produce buds. It's bloomed a bit since I took this picture, and guess what? Still gorgeous.

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  1. I like your observation of leaves sacrificing their energy for buds to bloom. Such is life, eh?


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