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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Five Friends. And Their Blogs.

So I've been wanting to introduce some of my bloggy friends for awhile. I've really struggled with what to say about each of them, because I could say so much. So I've limited myself to two sentences each. But I want you to know that all of these people and their blogs are awesome.
I purposely picked a variety of bloggers*: one that's related to me, one I haven't met face-to-face, one that's a dude, one that's my oldest friend, and one that's a more recent friend (and lives up the street). Here we go!
1. Kaylyn is my younger sister, and she's way awesomer and cooler-er than I'll probably ever be. She writes at Daily Love Letters, where she posts pictures that she's taken for Project 365.
2. Melissa is one of my oldest and best friends, which means she's pretty awesome for putting up with me for so long. She blogs at Finding Life's Joy, where she shares home-preschooling ideas that she's done with her little girls.
3. Aunt Lolo is a friend that I've never met in person, but we've been bloggy friends for...um...I actually don't know. Anyway, she writes about her adorable Eurasian family at The Lolo Life.
4. Mike was in my freshman ward at BYU, and he's one of the funniest and best people that I know. He writes about his crazy life at My Life--Or Something Like It.
5. Jen and I are a lot alike, though I'm not sure you could tell that from our blogs. She (like Kaylyn) posts photos for Project 365 at The Shigley Post.
*I apologize to the friends that I wasn't able to include--mostly for variety's sake, but some of you...just don't blog very often. I'm going to do another post like this soon, so get bloggin'!


  1. Those are great 'shout outs!' It's always fun to visit new blogs!!

    Thanks for sharing your friends!!

  2. Thanks for the mention. :) Yes.. we are way alike, can't tell from looking at us or seeing our blogs... but it's freaky. Friendship can be more than blog-skin-deep. HAHA!
    Love you sista from another mista.
    Umm... jimmies.

  3. Hehe...I have no idea how long we've known each other...but I'm sure glad we do!! Can't wait to visit those other blogs. :-)

  4. One of the best persons you know? Swoon! You guys are swell too!


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