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Friday, June 10, 2011

An Elephant's Faithful 100%

So I've liked elephants for...I dunno, forever. Actually, when I was little I was into cats, so who knows what happened there.
Anyway, I had a little birthday money left over from my birthday a couple months ago, when I found this while I was browsing Etsy one day:
Ta-da! Something to spend my birthday money on. It's an elephant locket with a bitty bit of sea glass inside.
Here's one nice thing about shopping on Etsy--the shop owners are really nice. (Yes, I just said "nice" twice. And then I rhymed.) The owner of the shop where I got my elephant pendant packed it in this shiny little box:
And she sent a little free gift:
And it all arrived in the mail right on time.
So yeah, I highly recommend SAMISEAGLASS on Etsy. She has beautiful jewelry, and she'll treat you right.

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