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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Me and My Wii

So, we have a Wii. It looks kind of like this:
only with more fingerprints and whatnot. My brother-in-law was buying and selling used Wiis for awhile, and he gave us one of them for Christmas. He's kind of awesome like that.
Anyway, I was thinking about our Wii the other day (yeah, weird, but stick with me here). And I was thinking about how, just based on the fact that we have one, a person could think that we could afford a Wii. How much does a Wii even go for these days? I have no idea.
Well, however much a Wii costs, I'll tell you right now that we can't afford to buy one. Not even a used one. We can't really afford anything but basics right now. And we won't be able to for a long time--Isaac will be in school for a couple more years, at least. So for now we manage our money as well as we can, and we have an EBT card (that's fancy-talk for food stamps), and we're on Medicaid. That's just how things are for now, and I've accepted that.
So I guess there are a couple of points here--one that I wasn't really trying to make, and one that I was. The one I wasn't trying to make, but probably should anyway, is:
1) We're grateful for the frillions of things we have that we could never pay for on our own. Anyone see a gospel analogy there? Ummm...I didn't really mean to make a connection between a Wii and the Atonement, but there ya go. You have my permission to use that one in sacrament meeting.
But my REAL point is:
2) I see people, all the time, who have things that we can't afford. I wouldn't really say that I'm jealous of them, because I'm pretty content with what we have, but I do usually assume that they're better off than we are. Not in a good or bad way, just...as a fact, I guess.
But really, I shouldn't assume that about anyone. Because maybe they saved up forever to buy whatever-it-is. Or maybe they went way into debt to get it (hey, it happens). Or maybe they found it on the side of the road. Or maybe it was given to them. Or maybe they really can afford it, in which case, good for them. It doesn't really matter.
So my real, real, REAL point is:
3) I can't judge a person's situation by what they have. Because we're flat broke...and we have a Wii.


  1. *LOVE* this. We have found ourselves flat broke lately too... and we have a wii. We bought it with a bonus I got at work right before the economy tanked... that's where the other nice really frivolous temporal things came from too (temporal meaning worldly, not temporal meaning essentials, make sense?.. hope so). K. so we have the blessing of a significant gift that means a lot to us.. and we couldn't have afforded it. So... here's what happens. We have a "need" ... maybe for something nice in the home to make it more HOMEY, maybe for something fun to do (wii), maybe it's an essential need... and the Lord blesses those who are faithful. And sometimes, ok most of the time, those blessings come from the acts and services of another thoughtful person. And sometimes those little blessings make us cry because they are exactly what we need. And when I'm ready to judge another because they can't afford this or that... I'll just remember that you have a wii and so do we. :)

  2. The way I see it you are abundantly blessed to have a devoted companion and loving kid. Materialistic pleasures are beginning to do nothing to me these days. Companionship and contentment is all we need. Having someone to share your burdens and joy is all we need. Plus, I am sure this is a temporary situation. Your faith will make your dreams come true, for sure!

  3. Zak was happy to facilitate that post :)

  4. Another thing to consider is that they might have purchased the metaphorical Wii when money WAS good but may not be any longer. I get where you're coming from :)

  5. I really like the part about not judging, because you're right, we really don't know their circumstances. And as a side note, it does get better. I remember being flat broke and if you can learn to manage your money now, you'll be better off when you do have money because you won't be as tempted to blow it on stuff you don't really need.

  6. I tried to leave a comment a few minutes ago but something funky happened and I don't think it went through. So if theres a double comment, sorry.
    I love this post! This is something I have been contemplating lately. I feel its been easy for me to judge or compare myself to others. I have also been the one on the other side, where I have been judged. Some people have thought that we are better off than we actually are because we have some nicer things. But we've just had some extra blessings, or generous parents, or we've really saved for something (like my kitchen-aid mixer that i got this year, after wanting and saving for years!!!). I Just wanted you to know that I appreciated your post and your total honesty, because that would be hard for me to do! I know exactly how you feel and exactly what you mean. xoxo

  7. Hee! I have to laugh :D Sounds like us!


  8. Great post.
    Similar thoughts have been on my mind lately and I haven't known how to express without boasting/judging...
    Truth is, it's none of anyone's business!
    Oh, and we don't have a wii so you can have us over to use yours!:)

  9. This? Is an excellent post. And it goes so much farther BEYOND the obvious "stuff." I've learned, first-hand, that you can NEVER look at another family and try to assume anything. I know families who use money EVERYWHERE - housekeepers, gardeners, exotic lessons for the kids...but I never hear loving words spoken. I see families who are flat out broke...and the happiest people in my acquaintance. You just never know...

    But have fun with your Wii! Your brother is some kind of awesome. *grin*


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