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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Crisis of Textbook Proportions

So...I've mentioned a few (or a million) times that I'm finishing my bachelor's degree through BYU Independent Study. I'm sorry if you guys are getting tired of me blabbering about this all the time (unless you're not tired of it...in which case, you haven't been reading my blog often enough. ;)
Anyway, I just finished up a class on the New Testament and registered for a class on Creative Writing. Super excited about this one, because I'm a nerd like that. (I may have mentioned that nerd thing, too.) And I was also super excited to order the textbooks.
I needed three books for this class. Two of them showed up at my house within a week. One did not:
Isn't that cover gross? Just sayin'.
Anyways, I checked the mail every stinkin' day. I had to have that book to start my classwork--it's used right from lesson 1. One week went by, two weeks went by...
...and then I lost track of how long I'd been waiting. But it felt like fooooreeeeveeerrrr.
So then last Saturday, I woke up, sat up in bed, looked across the room at the bookshelf opposite my bed, AND THE EXACT SAME BOOK WAS ALREADY SITTING ON MY SHELF.
Well, not exactly the same. It was an earlier edition. I'd bought it when it was new, in 2003, for some class or other. And then I saved it, just in case I needed it for another class. Turns out that I DID NEED IT. Eight years later. After I'd forgotten that I had it.
I flipped through the course manual to see if my edition was close enough that I could get started with my classwork--and it was. So I did a happy dance and got started.
So yeah, that was Saturday. The book I'd bought arrived in the mail on Monday. Heh. And I really am going to need that one; it has some stuff in it that my moldy-oldy 2003 edition doesn't have.
So here I go, writing creatively...and it looks like this class might not interfere with my blogging time. More on that later. Because school is really all I ever talk about anymore.


  1. 1. you've mentioned your education... I'm not tired of hearing about it... because I bug others with my dog... so it's fair.

    2. moldy oldy is funny

    3. you are a nerd. I am too

    4. you need to come over for dinner.

  2. Have fun with ur creative writing class. I took a class like that in high school and it was so fun. I think more fun for me than my teacher. She had beef with the way I wrote about a super hero hot dog escaping the fridge... huh.

  3. I took Creative Writing at the Y from Bennion--who's your teacher?


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