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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sugar Is Sugar...Wait, What?

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So I'm feeling a little controversial today.

Y'know that corn syrup commercial, where the nice lady assures us that she is just as concerned about your family's health as you are, and that she did some independent research, and she concluded that "sugar is sugar"?

Anyway--that commercial makes me angry. Because there isn't enough research to know whether "sugar is sugar" or not. Because corn syrup is not a natural product. Because the commercial implies (to me, anyway) that you can eat corn syrup whenever you want. Because corn syrup is in everything, which makes it very difficult to eat in moderation. And the biggest because of all: Because the Corn Refiner's Association (who produced the commercial) is losing money, and that's why they're making claims that can't be proven either way.

I'm not a big reader of the Huffington Post, but I do like this article on the corn sugar issue. Whew.


  1. Thanks for sharing the issue. I love topics like these and I will definitely have to share it with my husband. In fact, he once watched the King Corn documentary and we decided to travel cross country one day and our car died where else, but the homeland of where King Corn was filmed. Corn syrup and us? We're homies.

  2. I've seen that commercial too and it really bugs me. Corn sugar is in everything, even some baby formulas. We're conditioned to like it from the beginning and they're getting us hooked on it. No wonder Americans are so overweight.

  3. I don't know how I feel about the corn syrup stuff. I guess the thing that bothers me is... even if it is "sugar"... meaning that her statement "sugar is sugar" is correct... then IT'S STILL SUGAR! The only natural sugars are fruits and those whole crystal, unrefined stuff. I think the way to be truly healthy is to make it all yourself and work with ACTUAL natural sugars. The statement that "sugar is sugar" does not answer that "sugar is bad!"... Like Joan said... no wonder Americans are so overweight. We really ARE conditioned to love the stuff!

  4. That was an interesting article. Lately I've really been trying to change the way I feed my family and avoiding corn syrup and trying to use less processed sugars is one way.


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