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Friday, March 4, 2011

I Wanna Be Sedated

{Not my actual medication. Don't the pink and orange ones kinda look like M&Ms?} So. With Isaac being unemployed, he and I were a little bit...uninsured...for a few weeks. He and I both take medication that we can't do without, so the lack of insurance made things interesting. When we finally did get insurance, we had to switch pharmacies. The Walgreens pharmacy here is pretty reliable, but they don't take our new insurance. So we switched to our local grocery store pharmacy. And it's been a huge pain. It's really not the pharmacy's fault--some of it was even our insurance's fault. The grocery store pharmacy is small, but very busy. So I'm not trying to drive business away from them (although that might make things better for me); I'm just frustrated. Grr. (See?)


  1. is their a rite aid there? we liked it for ours, of course, because it was only 3 minutes away from our house.

    Don't you HATE it that walgrens doesn't take your insurance. It's the only place open at night. When we had to first put Abby on a Nebulizer, it was EXTREMELY important we do it ASAP. In fact the doctor made us stay and do two treatments there.. We didn't have a way of getting her medicine until the following day (it was get the medicine or go to the hospital and spend the night). Luckily, the doctor took a leap of faith, and let us use their machine and gave us some of the stuff they had on hand for the night. Walgrens use to be my favorite. Now I hate them! Stupidheads!

  2. I am having similar problems in our neck of the wood. It IS grr-worthy. Grrrr, indeed!


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