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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A List and an Unrelated Photo

Yeah, Father's Day was more than a month ago. But I was looking through my photos today, and realized I'd forgotten to post this one--this cake was perfect because both my husband and my dad love to golf. Love. My grandpa taught my dad (his son-in-law), and my dad taught Isaac (his son-in-law). I guess we'd better have a baby girl eventually, so Isaac can have a son-in-law to golf with. Anyway, that has nothing to do with anything. I had a busier day than usual today, and I was going to blog about it...but now I'm kinda tired...after having been so busy and all. So I'm gonna go with a list instead. Y'all can fill in the details yourselves. Today:

  1. Got Little Boy to read three-letter words for the first time. My family keeps asking when we're going to move on to four-letter words (*rolls eyes*).
  2. Brushed the spiderwebs from the deck and front porch. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but trust me--it was. I won't even tell you how many egg sacs I found.
  3. Made popsicles--finally--with some little popsicle molds that I got at WalMart this year. I used pink lemonade. So...they're not any healthier than regular popsicles. A bit cheaper, though.
  4. Unpacked some more of Little Boy's stuff that's been lying around for three weeks. Now he actually has some room to play in there.
  5. Washed, dried, AND put away laundry.
  6. Had goldfish crackers for lunch. No, this is not a habit at our house.
  7. Went to the local berry farm with my mom and sister. Had some of the local berry farm's ice cream. Counted that as part of lunch.
  8. Spent more than an hour picking blueberries from my mom's blueberry bushes and didn't get them all. Those bushes are monsters. Delicious monsters.
  9. Spent a little extra time setting up for preschool tomorrow. Hope it pays off.
Do you ever have a really productive day, and then not have another one for a long time? Yeah, this is probably the most I'll get done in one day for at least another week.


  1. Hooray for this week's Productive Day!

    It's Wednesday. We haven't had ours yet. We've been too busy playing at the beach. LOL

  2. This whole week has been crazy. Hopefully that means no work next week. (whatever, I know that won't happen)

  3. Um...I'm hoping for that day next week. I did have a couple last week though...does that count? ;)


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