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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Our camera's broken. Real broken. It won't even turn on. Now, we could by a new battery to see if that's the problem. Or we could have a professional look at it. Or we could figure out some other way to spend money fixing it. OR we could spend less money buying a new camera than we spent when we bought this one. And this one was used when we bought it. I vote for that option. Anyway, I find it hard to blog when I don't have pictures to go along with my posts. I know I could use stock photos, or...gulp...no photos. Or maybe I'll do a whole bunch of "blast from the past" type posts...but I have a feeling that wouldn't be very interesting to anyone. So we'll see. Maybe I'll blog, maybe not. But when we get a new camera, there WILL be blogging! Be prepared.


  1. Our teeth and ambitions are bared - be prePAAAAAAAAAARED.

    Heh. Name that movie?

  2. I will be prepared. : ) Hope you get the new camera soon.


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