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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quote of the Day: Two Quotes for the Price of One!

Kaylyn: "Rrrrggghh! [pause] ...that was my soul talking."

Isaac: "Hey, crumb cruncher!"
Little Boy*: "I'm not a crumb cruncher! I'm three."

*Translated from toddlerese: "I'm nah a tum tunchah! I'm fuh-lee."


  1. I love your phonetic toddler language translations. So cute. I can hear him talking.

  2. Of course you pick the one picture of me texting. = P

  3. Hi Andrea, I luv luv your blog! Been reading deeper...our kiddos also luv to duuust with the feather duster, twitter was way to hard for me :), excited to hear about your General Studies adventure, and I luv all of the quotes you've shared. Especially the one by Sister Thompson. Just happy to be here! luv, trina

  4. Oh, I love that "translation"!

  5. I love your quotes and especially appreciate the translation. :)

  6. Too sweet - I'm here for the toddler quotes anyday!



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