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Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Boy's Uniform

Little Boy has two items of clothing that he wears every single day. One is the little hat from his birthday, which I mentioned here. The other is a pair of Lightning McQueen slippers that I got from a clothing swap at our church. I was going to hide them and save them for Christmas, but he saw me walk in the door with them [he was supposed to be in bed by then. Heh.].

He literally wears them from morning 'til night.

And if we accidentally leave them at Grandma's house, well...I'm sure you can imagine what happens then.


  1. My daughter had a tweety bird dress that she wore all the time when she was four. I was so glad when she outgrew it!

  2. Probably the same thing that happens if we misplace Belen's blanket, eh?

  3. Oh. My. goodness. So cute!

    At least they keep his feet warm! He doesn't trip in those big things???

  4. *Brakes squealing. Car into reverse. Back to Grandma's house?*

    That's kind of how I feel about my crocs.

    (off to check out the hat now.)


  5. I am sure if you leave them at grandma's house you have a quick return trip.

  6. I was one of those moms that loved it when my kids did this! Didn't bother me to wash all the time or whatever. It is just so precious.

  7. Grandma happily makes a trip to return them and is greeted at the door by a jumping little boy with a huge smile. Precious!


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