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Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween '08

Yeah, I posted these pictures last year. But who wants to go looking through my archives to see them again? That's what I thought.

 So. Last Halloween in review. We put Little Boy in an apron, gave him a handful of Sharpies, and let him have at his pumpkin. He took it very seriously, as you can see--he always sticks out his tongue when he's concentrating.

 And here's the two of us (Isaac didn't dress up). I was a pirate--argh!--and Little Boy was a clown. You can see a little bit of his costume at the bottom of the photo. No face paint for him--he hates gooey things.

This Halloween will probably be a lot like the last one. Light on candy, heavy on "scary" movies. Y'know, like "Ghostbusters" or "Casper". The really terrifying ones. Oh, and we'll dress up. We have some...different...costumes planned for this year.


  1. Fun!
    Someone showed up at Lo Gung's work party as the Flintstones...they even had Pebbles. I was so jealous. ;-) Tonight? Lo Gung went as a Chinese Man in a Halloween Shirt. Real original, right?

  2. Looks like lots of fun. Love that pirate costume!


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