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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gardening in Miniature, Part...Whatever

My little back-porch garden is growing. Wanna see?

I planted this chive at my mom's house last year, but it was really wimpy and didn't grow more than a couple of inches. I forgot all about it until a few weeks ago, when I went out on my mom's deck and was surprised to see that the chive was not only still alive--it was ten times bigger than last year. I guess chives are perennials. Who knew?

My tiny basils. They're...tiny.

And my tiny tomato. The tomato and basils are growing sooooo slowly. I'm not sure if they'll get big enough to produce anything before the end of the summer.

Remember Audrey III? She's enormous now. I had to banish her to the deck because she was just too big for my tiny apartment. I had no idea her flowers would be so gorgeous. 

And so the garden grows. I may buy some basil and tomato plants to make up for my little seedlings. I want tomatoes and basil this year, dang it!


  1. Awesome! Hope you are having a great night! ♥ HUGS ♥

  2. I've never tried tomatoes from seeds before. But my tomato plant looks like it's only going to have one tomato this year. That's one more tomato than I grew last year though.

  3. I love fresh basil and tomatoes too. I couldn't do a 'real' garden this year but I've got those in pots. Don't worry about your basil. It grows fast! Mine are only a little bit bigger. By July they will be big enough to harvest leaves from. Plus it lasts forever, until the first frost. Or you can bring it in and it will keep going!

  4. Aww...your basil looks just like mine!

    my chives died a dry and slow death, though. So sad...

    Your garden looks great!

  5. There's something so gratifying about growing things! I wish I could come over and take a peak...and a sniff♥


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