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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mowing the Patio

Little Boy has a bubble mower that Isaac's parents gave him last spring. He loves it.

Unfortunately, we never remember to put bubbles in it. But Little Boy doesn't mind. He loves mowing the lawn with his bubble-less mower.

Wait...actually, he loves mowing the patio with his bubble-less mower. (Or, as he says, mowing the squares.)

Here he comes...

...and there he goes! I think the mower is easier to push on the patio than in the grass. And the plastic wheels make a cool sound on the concrete.

I know, his enthusiasm for mowing won't last forever. I'm going to save these pictures to show him when he's a teenager--as a reminder that he used to love mowing.


  1. Little Boy is so cute. AND...he just might still love mowing. My 15 year old was just like that and still loves it. He started a great little biz mowing all the neighbor's lawns.

  2. This is such a cute fun blog. I so remember all these days - with the little ones. Hoping to eventually relive them somewhat with the grandbabies:)

    Thank you for stopping by to say hello!


  3. Oh, I love it!!!Your blog gets cuter by the day. (Perhaps it has something to do with a certain cute little man?? ;-))


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