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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gardening in Miniature, pt. 2

Remember three weeks ago, when I blogged about Audrey III? Y'know, the little plant that Little Boy brought home from church that grew an inch overnight?

Well, this is what she looks like now:
I almost killed her a week ago--I put her too close to a heat vent overnight. A couple of her leaves died, and she stopped growing for a few days. But she's back at it now. I took the above picture two days ago, and all of her leaves are noticeably bigger today than they are in the photo. I'm going to start some tomato seeds this week. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Yay for growing things. Audrey looks splendid.

  2. I guess it means it is that time of the year. I need to get busy.

  3. I usually end up killing whatever we have around... but I'm going to try a garden this year!!! Good luck to us both!



  4. Hey girl...did you know you are the winner of the birdhouse? e-mail me your address, if you would like one.
    if not, no problemo, just let me know.
    pineapplehilldesigns at msn dot com


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