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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Friday!

Dang, it's Friday again already! How was your week? Mine was busy, I guess...school for me and The Boy, writing a lot (not here, obviously), and trying to get our house decluttered and a few other projects finished before (maybe) moving when Isaac finds a job.

But. It's Friday. And you know what makes me happy?

Bubbles, that's what! Go outside and blow some bubbles today, okay?

Happy Friday!

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  1. Yes. Blowing bubbles -- taking pics and letting your kids chase and pop them is just the thing for reminding oneself that life is lovely. And good luck to you. I read the other post you linked to. I haven't been a true life long homeschooler, but the one year I did homeschool my two oldest kids was when life was full of craziness and uncertainty -- in the midst of packing and looking for homes and wondering where life would take us. Stressful and scary times. But . . . and maybe this sounds crazy . . . I swear, despite all the unknown and difficulty, there was an element of excitement about that time. An element of wondering what the Lord had in store for us. What new people would soon be in our future. And, simply the excitement of knowing anything could be ahead . . . maybe something completely spectacular even. Hope that that is exactly what is in store for you guys!


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