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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yes, I'm Over 18. I Have the Lines to Prove It.

So I have these lines on my face. I love them.


They make me look older. I've always been mistaken for being much younger than I actually am. People usually say, "Oh, but you'll appreciate that when you're my age."

 Maybe, but for now I'm enjoying looking like I'm old enough to have an almost-five-year-old son.


  1. You are too cute.
    People always mistake Jeff for being way younger too. He hates it!

  2. Once upon a time.....I used to have that same problem. I promise, age will come.

  3. I have completely stopped wearing make-up to cover up anything since Jason told me that lines and wrinkles make me real which in turn he finds beautiful. Who knew? He's a keeper for sure :-)

    Way to go for celebrating the lines! They may make us look "old," but at least we have done enough smiling, worrying, and laughing to earn them!

  4. YES! I have four kids ages almost eight and under and I love my lines now (and my sneaky grays!). My husband and I have baby faces, so I get lots of looks from people when I've got all my kids with me roaming the aisle of Target.

    I kind of wish I had a t-shirt proclaiming my age (31) and the fact that I did not appear on "Teen Mom."

    Would that be tacky?


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