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Monday, April 18, 2011

More on Sugar

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So...remember about a month and a half ago, when I posted about sugar and corn syrup?
Well, an article came out in the New York Times Magazine yesterday (I don't usually read the NY Times--I came across a link to the article somewhere else) that has a whole lot to say about sugar.
Like, nine pages' worth.
That's a long article, I know. I usually have a hard time reading anything longer than a page or so (be quiet, I know you do too), but this was so fascinating to me that I read the whole thing. Not in one sitting, but whatever.
Here's the article: Is Sugar Toxic?
I highly recommend it. Let me know what you think.


  1. I haven't read the whole article... just skimmed it. I stand by: sugar is sugar and bad for you.

    I think two things are the enemies of our health... our backsides which we sit on and processed foods.

    I am OBSESSING over gardening right now and as I think about it and work on it... and think about working on it... I realize that being out side, off my backside keeps my active which helps me be healthier. Then eating the foods which I am growing helps me be healthier.

    I heard one theory "anything that comes in a box or a bag shouldn't be in your body"... sugar comes in a box/bag type thing... pretty sure it should go in my body in the amounts that people do!
    ... except for muffins.
    I really love muffins.
    With cranberries. =D

  2. Oh. Wow.........it took me all day, a page at a time, but I read the whole article. I could go with the notion that sugar causes cancer, in a map-it-out sort of way. A few questions came to mind - What is a Western Diet? Is it one with lots of steak, and cream-of-something casseroles? Is it Hamburger Helper on nights when you're home and McDonald's on days when you have kids in dance and soccer and karate, on opposite sides of the city? And if that's the case, who eats that way? I can't name more than one family in my acquaintance that does. On Monday night, I made braised chicken thighs (skins off) with rutebegas and onions, served with fresh homemade sun-dried tomato/mozzarella bread. There is sugar in my tomato/mozz bread. Tonight, I made white jasmine rice with a piece of white fish (steamed, with orange rounds, green onions and ginger)plus sauteed red lettuce with garlic, in olive oil. I sprinkled sugar on the lettuce, to balance out the bit of oyster sauce I drizzled over it.

    If I say that these things are, generally, how I cook for my family (low-dairy, low red meat, high on the rice and pasta and veggies), then are we "safe"? Granted, my kids LOVE candy. But only to a point - my daughter will eat the same ring pop for a week, and I will throw it away when she's not looking. She will only have finished half of it.


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