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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Brief Announcement

No, I'm not pregnant.

I changed my header. Y'know, the one up there ^^^ . I wanted a spring-ier look.
That's all.


  1. I like it. And I like the word spring-ier.

  2. Sad that folks might have been speculating into your procreation schedule. Last I saw, you weren't looking pregnant, but I don't think I saw you pregnant, and have nothing to compare that to.

    But your schedule for making further children, if any, is none of any of our business. I trust you to make good choices with regard to when and whether to try, for reasons that I don't have to know, understand or agree with, and I recognize that trying isn't always all it takes to succeed in those endeavors.

    And I'm sad that any of that needs saying by anybody.

  3. lol, its funny how people always assume someone is pregnant by things like that. I love the new header, though!!

  4. I'm pretty confused... is a change of header an indicator of pregnancy? Because when I started my blog, I changed it about 10 times in 3 days... just saying. :)

    I second Blain's words... and I'd just call you up and say "Hey, you're acting like me... I mean a spaz, you feeling ok?!"

    And I LOVE the new header. Very artsy fartsy. (Yes, I said fart) and Little Boy is adorable as always!

  5. I love the new header - great 'fresh' makeover! I feel the need to do one almost monthly :) Also, so enjoy the Easter video, always very inspiring - and the notes on sugar!



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