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Thursday, December 9, 2010

More of the Warmer Days

I'm still pining for the warmer, sunnier days we had this fall.


This picture turned out so weird--first, because the leaf looks HUGE (it's a big leaf, but he's holding it really close to the camera); and second, because we were in the shade and I can't get his skin to look anything but gray. Oh well...I swear, my kid isn't a vampire.

And this will for sure (probably, maybe) be my last whiny post about how I wish it were not winter. I think.


  1. Too late my friend! It's winter time and Christmas is just around the corner!!

    We have snow on the ground!

  2. That leaf really does look like it came naturally gigantic. Fun picture though. I know, I am already counting down the days until it's Spring again. *sigh


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