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Monday, December 20, 2010

O Christmas Tree

I'm pretty sure I didn't post much about Halloween or Easter this year. I was too lazy busy to upload those pictures until waaaay too late.

So I'm trying to not do that with Christmas. This might turn out to be the only Christmas post I do, though. We'll see. If you're the gambling type, you can start making bets now.

Anyway, the Christmas tree. Isaac and I have been married for a bit more than five years, and we've always had a Charlie Brown-size Christmas tree. When we moved from Utah to Washington, we left our first little tree behind. And then when we bought a new tree...we got one that was maybe six inches taller than the old one. It's kind of becoming a tradition.

 It's always Isaac's job to unfold the branches and put on the lights.

 Pretty beads. We found them at the dollar store a few years ago.

 Some of our ornaments--some are Little Boy's, some were given to us, and some were dollar-store finds like the beads.

 Little Boy's face cracks me up. How could I not love that kid?

 Can we open presents now?

 I like it. It's a cheerful little tree.

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  1. yes, Brenden also thought that putting the tree up meant that he could open presents. Silly kids.


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