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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday Boy, Part 2

So...I guess the pictures from my last post aren't showing up. Sorry about that. I'll have to work on that later tonight, since right now...I'm supposed to be making dinner. And I'm blogging instead.

Anyway, part 2 of Little Boy's birthday. After presents, lunch, and cupcakes at Grandma's house, we headed to a local park/farm/playground to meet up with some friends.


Our friends weren't there yet, so I made Little Boy look at the flower gardens with me. He was not impressed. I think I might do a post just about those flowers. They were gorgeous. Moving along...


There are usually some farm animals around, but this year...not so many. The bunnies are always a kid-pleaser, though. (Yeah, that's a bunny up there.)


And the main event--the playground!


We wandered around the grounds for awhile, and Isaac showed them how to climb over a little fence to get to this big tree. *Sigh*...yeah, the fence is probably there for a reason. Anyway, Running-Around-the-Big-Tree is a super-fun game.


When we got back from the park, Little Boy's birthday package from his other grandparents was waiting for us! Yay for more presents!


And it included Little Boy's first-ever set of Legos. He LOVES Legos--I think he got some kind of loves-to-build-stuff gene from Isaac. The two of them were in heaven working on this set.


  1. Oh my gosh, do legos bring back memories or what! My boys loved legos. Looks like a great day for the birthday boy!! Happy Birthday little guy!!

  2. I used to and still love LEGO! He seems to have had fun!

  3. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! Have sooooo much fun with him this next year . . . an exciting day :)



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