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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning Time: Science

Little Boy and I have "learning time" every day after breakfast for about half an hour (usually it stretches a little longer, but let's not quibble). Really, it's home-preschooling, but try explaining that to a 3 1/2 year old. So, to him, it's "learning time."

Since learning time is a big part of our day, and Little Boy enjoys it so much, I thought I'd share a bit of what we do. I'm going to break it down into a few separate posts, because, really? I'm too tired to write a big, long post right now. And I bet you're too tired to read a big, long post right now. You're welcome.

Anyway, the first thing we do is take a look at the pumpkin seedling Little Boy's been growing. We point out the different parts of the plant, and count the leaves to see if there are any new ones, and water it if it's dry. [Don't tell Little Boy, but the pumpkin plant is going to be moved to his Grandma's house sometime soon. We do NOT have room for a pumpkin plant on our back porch! And...we'll figure out some other science-y thing to do.]

This is the plant--I thought this picture turned out kinda cool. I have NO IDEA how I did it. I don't understand cameras at all.

Next time: ABCs! Woohoo!


  1. awesome andrea!!! Lol at the accidental amazing photo

  2. Terminal buds rock.

  3. Terminal buds rock.

  4. Oh, what a cool project!!

    And good luck on the ABC's. :-) Ming Wai and I had to stop any sort of home-preschooling. We were having tantrums every day (mine) and crying every day (hers). Heh.


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