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Friday, February 5, 2010

The Yarn Octopus Looooves You

Octopus. Valentine's Day. Hmmm...

 pink yarn octopus

I've been trying to use up some of my yarn scraps. I used this tutorial to make a yarn octopus out of some pink yarn that I wasn't using for anything else...and then realized that the octopus just happened to match my Valentine's Day decorations. But what does an octopus have to do with Valentine's Day? 

I don't know. Octopuses (not octopi, fyi) have lots of arms, so...they're good at hugging? That's Valentine-y, right? I'm going to go with yes. Because the octopus looks pretty darn cute with all my other pink decorations.


  1. Oh My gosh...she is so cute but she needs a name!

  2. HOw cute! Plus, lots of arms for hugging. Definitely good for Valentine's Day.

  3. Well, there is that Beatle's song, "Eight Days a Week" and it's a love song.

    I think it's adorable.



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