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Friday, February 19, 2010

See Ya Later, Crib...

Little Boy spent his first night in a crib when he was almost exactly three months old. [Don't worry, the mobile was tightly secured and there was no way he could reach it.]

He used to sleep in his car seat a lot, too.

This week, three years after he first slept in his crib, he slept in his Big Boy Bed for the first time. We even got out a "new" blanket for the occasion. [Isaac's mom made that quilt when Little Boy was tiny, but it's been too big for him until now.]

I was a little sad to see the crib go. And not just because I can't stick him behind bars anymore. Big Boy changes always make me a little sad.

Sleep sweet, Big Little Boy.


  1. That's so sweet:) It is a little sad though....no getting around it. There may or may not have been lots of tears when mine moved into their big beds.

  2. I remember when my little guy transitioned into a big boy bed! How sweet :-) Congrats on a growing Big Little Boy!


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