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Monday, February 22, 2010

30-Second Book Review: Skippyjon Jones

skippyjon jones Skippyjon Jones is a little kitty-boy whose head is too beeg for his body, and whose ears are too beeg for his head...so he's convinced that he's a Chihuahua. Skippyjon goes on imaginary adventures in his closet with his pretend Chihuahua pals, the Chimichangos. My mom gave us some Skippyjon Jones books when Little Boy was born, and I put them away because they were too long for his baby attention span. And then I forgot all about them. And I still don't know where they are, exactly. But! I saw this at the library and snatched it up. We don't have this one at home: skippyjon jones and the big bones And let me tell you, these books are fantastic for reading out loud. So if you have a three-ish year old kid in your life, I highly recommend them. Important note: Skippyjon also appears in some board books. I don't really recommend those. They're more about teaching colors and stuff....sorta...and don't have much story to them. Not so good for reading aloud. And they don't even do a very good job of teaching, in my opinion.


  1. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I kept meaning to ask you what the name of these were. I remembered it was a cat with a funny name but couldn't remember it! Thank you thank you thank you, I think I know what we'll be looking for at the library next.

  2. My 7 year old has loved these books for a couple of years now, so you might get several more years use out of them. Aren't they fun?


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