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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Grandparents Come to Town

So, the grandparents. I'll introduce you to them. I only have a few pictures of one night--we went out to eat and the food took foreeever, so I amused myself by playing around with my camera. So they're not great photos. But they're better than nothing.

Isaac & Grandpa. They're probably talking about golf.

Grandma & Mom. They're probably watching Little Boy do something silly...

...yup. Definitely silly.


  1. I really like your pics. They almost look like stills from a movie.

  2. He just owns that hat! I love it.

  3. Love it!

    And I MUST know...is that a little German restaurant? It looks SO much like the place I went to eat on my Last Date before my mission! LOL


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