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Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's better to look up.

I haven't been very grateful lately.
I've always been basically happy with my life. Even when we've been unemployed, when we've been seriously ill, and when we've had to go without. Even then, deep down, I've been able to say that I'm happy. Because I've always tried to appreciate what we have.
I've struggled a lot since Isaac quit his job last summer. When he decided to go back to school, I knew (and still know) that it was the right thing to do. I hoped I'd feel better. We'd been students before, and we'd been fine then, right?
I don't know if I was living in a bubble when we were students before, or whether this time is truly different. Maybe a little of both.
And don't get me wrong--we've had some beautiful, wonderful days since then. But lately...beautiful and wonderful have eluded me. All I've been thinking about is how much I would change my life if I could. About how much we don't have. And about how much I can't do.
But then, last night, I looked around myself and realized that I have more now than I've ever had before. My life isn't what I expected it to be right now, and it's different from everyone else's my age that I can think of. But everyone else's lives don't matter. I have what I need for now.
Like President Monson was quoted as saying in this last General Conference, it's better to look up.


  1. I know the feeling. It really is hard when you look around and see other people your age with all the things you thought you'd have by now. It is times like those when I think about the poverty I saw in Ecuador and the poverty that exists in so many other places around the world and I realize that compared to them I am so very wealthy. It helps me too to keep an eternal perspective and remember that even if I never have all the things I'd like to in this life, as long as I do what is right I will be able to have more than I can even imagine in the life to come. I also know all of this is easier said than done! LOL! I think you are doing a wonderful job at staying positive and being grateful for what you do have!

  2. What a good post! Lately I've been very quick to compare my life with those around me; those who seem to be in the same stage of life that we are in. Unfortunately, or perhaps Fortunately, there is NO comparison. We are all different with different experiences. I am ultimately grateful for what we have, what we don't have and even for our trials. It has made us who we are, and I'm real happy with who we are. Thanks for a great post to remind me of this! xoxo

  3. I'm the same way....hence my recent post. I always love your perspective♥


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